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Constitutional Monarchy
Xander Starkiller
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March 7th, 2015
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Origins[edit | edit source]

Culture of The Empire[edit | edit source]

Law of The Galactic Empire[edit | edit source]

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Executor[edit | edit source]

The Executor of the Empire, the Imperial Executor is the overall leader of the Imperial military. The Executor is the commander-in-chief of the Imperial military while the Emperor is the absolute, supreme commander-in-chief of the Imperial military. The Executor sits as the de jure head of the Imperial War Council, a collection of Imperial officers who assist the Executor in carrying out the Emperor's wishes and the Executor's duties.

The Imperial War Council consists of the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Army Command, the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Stormtrooper Command, the Chief of Naval Operations of the Imperial Navy Command, the Chief of Starfighter Operations of the Imperial Starfighter Command and several other organizations.

Known Imperial Groups[edit | edit source]

Imperial military[edit | edit source]

  • Imperial Army - Imperial Army Command (IAC), Chief of Staff
  • Imperial Navy - Imperial Navy Command (INC), Chief of Naval Operations
    • Imperial Starfighter Corps - Imperial Starfighter Command (ISFC), Chief of Starfighter Operations
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Corps - Imperial Stormtrooper Command (ISC), Chief of Staff

The Imperial Army is widely considered to be the foot-sloggers of the Imperial military; they are mostly used as garrison troops and a mass wave of infantry to overwhelm the enemy. The Imperial Army however does have specialist troops, including mobile troops such as the AT-AT, AT-ST troops and others. The Imperial Army was once selective when recruiting, that however has changed, the Imperial Army draws from all humans to near humans now as per decree from the Emperor.

The Imperial Navy also known as the Imperial Starfleet is the bread and butter of the Imperial military. While the Galactic Empire is commonly known as the "Imperial Remnant" to outsiders of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Navy is barely holding on. The vast majority of Imperial ships are based out of Bastion, Muunilinst and a small contingent at Antar IV and Arkania.

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is considered the elite of the elite, they are the fierce and loyal fighting force of the Empire. The Stormtroopers are incredibly indoctrinated and well trained, dissent and mutiny are rare in the Stormtrooper ranks.

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